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Analyzing how well promotions are getting executed proved to be a game changer in closing execution gaps and insights for future promotional planning.

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Primo ® Water, a bulk water and water dispenser provider, found themselves drowning in a sea of data and analytics concerning their Walmart retail environment across the United States. With three business units spanning thousands of retail locations, all with varying footprints, merchandising and product/promo offerings, they needed to understand what the consumer was seeing and how to interpret its impact on the business.


Primo used Snap2Insight’s Perfect Shelf Platform for a huge audit that, by taking tens of thousands of photos, would catalog, categorize and analyze Primo’s execution across all three business units in 4,000 Walmart locations. Eventually, these insights could be leveraged into action items that would help improve consumers’ experience with the brand – translating directly into increased sales.


The growth rate for the brand went from 15% to 30% attributable to insights from the AI audit. This included fixing execution gaps to better planning for the next promo event by analyzing promotional lift accurately.

The process, because of it being automated, because of it being efficient, really allowed us to care at a per-store level. That was a dramatic help for us
Chief Strategy Officer, Primo Water

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