Improving Out of stock and planogram compliance

One of the largest consumer goods manufacturers in snacks category had challenges in improving planogram compliance. Specifically,

  • Improving activation and compliance of new product launches
  • Improving planogram compliance at every store
  • Measuring execution across stores and reps is inconsistent and No way to objectively measure execution at every store and for every rep

Using our solution, Best Shelf Action recommendations come back to the Rep seconds after taking photos of each fixture with a visual image showing out of stocks and planogram compliance defects. We helped the manufacturer

  • Reduce out of stocks and improve planogram compliance
  • Save time by automating tedious shelf compliance checks
  • Transform field force management by having objective execution score for every rep and fixture
We see a lot of potential in using Snap2Insight planogram compliance solution that our frontline can leverage
Vice President, Global Foods

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