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Using AI to capture in-store conditions allows brands to comprehensively measure execution, gain competitive insights, and move closer to their Perfect Store goals.

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One of the largest tobacco companies in the world wanted to measure and improve their in-store execution as part of their Perfect Store program. Field reps doing manual audits to report on these KPIs was too time-consuming and error-prone. A technology solution was needed to capture all KPIs automatically and accurately.


The Perfect Shelf Platform was used to analyze in-store images taken by Reps and extract the following KPIs: contract compliance, shelf share, pricing gaps, planogram compliance, and POS execution. A comprehensive store scoring system was developed to tie together all KPIs. Reps could see in real-time key opportunities to close gaps towards Perfect Store. Field managers identified trends to help coach their teams to execute better. Account managers identified opportunities to close contract and execution gaps.


Led to significant year-over-year growth for their key brands driven by better decisions and higher productivity. This includes a 50% faster response to competitive pricing gaps. Increased market share by 3 points in the Cigars category driven by our data and insights on shelf space productivity. Saved 10 minutes per store visit with AI doing shelf audits.

With Snap2Insight’s solution, we are now able to gain real-time insights for on-shelf changes, such as the evolution of “planograms” in independent outlets, on-shelf communications, out-of-stocks, and shelf-pricing in over 190,000 U.S. retail locations for their portfolio of brands. This has led to year-over-year growth for their key brands and a 20% increase in field sales productivity
Vice President, Insights and Intelligence ITG Brands

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