The Perfect Shelf Platform

Built on next-level image recognition AI

The Perfect Shelf Platform analyzes over 1 Million images every month and is trusted by world's leading brands.

How it Works



Shelf photos taken by your reps are uploaded to the cloud, converted into shelf data (product, price, promotion, placement) by AI accurately and instantly.



Shelf data is compared against your planogram/standard to identify and prioritize merchandising defects.



Best Shelf Actions are reported back to the field in real time and Instant Retail Visibility across stores is made available to corporate.

Think of it as Image Recognition 2.0

The Perfect Shelf Platform, built on generative AI, is the next generation of image recognition.

It's the future of retail auditing that delivers unparalleled accuracy, speed, and scalability.

Lightning Speed and Accuracy

Empower your sales reps and merchandizer to take swift and effective action. With unrivaled speed and precision, The Perfect Shelf platform empowers your sales reps and merchandisers to take swift and effective action.

  • Close execution gaps in real-time.
  • Quickly launch products or enter new categories.
  • Increase productivity and cover more area.

Best Shelf Actions


Best Shelf Actions recommendations are available in a few seconds after taking images. Our iOS and Android Apps present them in easy intuitive ways

Instant Retail visibility


Instant Retail visibility presents KPIs you need from the shelf: On Shelf Availability (OSA), Out of Stocks (OOS), Share of Shelf, Shelf pricing, Shelf Placement, Planogram Compliance, Real-o-gram, and Display/POS execution.

Modular to Fit Your Need

We know one solution doesn't fit all, so we built a flexible platform of modular components. Pick the visibility moments based on your need and budget.

  • Build your program to meet your needs
  • Enterprise integrations including to your field force app
  • Custom KPIs & dashboards
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