Fixing out of stocks and recovering lost sales

With many SKUs to take care of per store, ensuring real-time corrective action is taken in-store is key. Back office being able to track trends and chronic out-of-stock stores/SKUs, helped fix systemic issues. Together, OSA improved by 3-5% driving more sales.

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With increasing store resources used for click and collect, this large CPG in the Snacks category was experiencing significant out-of-stock issues. However, they did not have a way to quantify OSA, nor empower their Reps to take care of around 100 of their SKUs per store.


CPG’s retail field team took images of the set as they got into the store. Within seconds of taking images, our AI identified out-of-stock SKUs from the image, prioritized based on sales, correlated with the supply chain to know what was in the backroom/order, and generated action items to fix in-store. Our dashboards showed trends in OSA and chronic out-of-stock that the corporate team was able to work with retailers to address.


CPG is able to improve OSA of their core SKUs by 3-5%, and proactively address OSA trends before they become large issues.

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