Partnering with Buyer using AI-driven Planogram Reset Analytics


Not having visibility to different planogram traits, sales impact, who’s winning and losing shelf space, and new trends puts a category manager at a significant disadvantage. Using AI-driven Planogram Reset Analytics, our customer was able to provide quick actionable insights to their corporate

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Creating influence without investing in becoming a category captain. A large CPG in the coffee category wanted to partner with their category buyer on shelf productivity insights. With hundreds of planograms and no access to them, it was not possible to quantify what changed on the shelf and how they impacted sales.


CPG worked with their retail field team to take images of the category BEFORE and AFTER reset. Our AI analyzed the images to track shelf share, shelf placements, key sub-category space trends etc. Within a week of reset completion, our dashboards and data informed the CPG to understand what was changing and the key driver of sales.


Identified specific planogram traits (brand blocks, placement) where our customer's brands were underperforming. Our customer was able to work with the retailer to address the underperforming planograms in subsequent reset, resulting in better shelf productivity for our customer and category.

Snap2Insight helped us analyze performance against different POG traits and make recommendations with our buyer
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