Automating shelf audits boosts field productivity


Empowering field teams by providing them with real-time action recommendations, while automating all shelf audits, and bringing valuable data back to corporate is a win-win-win.

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One of the largest tobacco companies in the world wanted to make their field force more productive covering more stores and accomplishing more per store. Their reps were spending about 10 minutes per visit to collect key retail conditions such as checking if the store was complying with the contract, competitive price gaps etc.


With our solution, the customer was able to automate all shelf audits. With every visit, Best Shelf Actions recommended a prioritized ‘gap list’ to take care of, making their visit more productive. Finally, corporate stakeholders were able to get Instant Retail Visibility, thereby avoiding guesswork and holding the field force accountable to improve where needed.


The field team was able to cover 10% more stores with AI doing the audits. Field management was able to use our exception dashboards to coach their teams in a way they never had the data to before.

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