Win Space

Fix execution gaps to increase sales by 2%-5%

Snap2Insight Win Space

Track shelf share and placement to win more space

Planogram Visibility

Do you have a way to consistently track the share-of-shelf and shelf placement for your brands? Our Win Space solution helps you measure share-of-shelf, shelf placement, who is winning and who’s losing especially after category resets. Knowing a clear before and after ‘picture’ and what is driving sales, quickly after resets helps you to defend and win more space.


Becoming the preferred category partner

Within days of resetting the category, our AI analyzes shelf images across thousands of stores to identify shelf share, placements and key planogram traits like brand blocks. Correlating with sales data helps you uncover the ‘why’ at shelf. Having quick access to shelf productivity benchmarks, especially post-category resets, allows CPGs to be in a unique position to partner with retailers on future category planning.


Case Study

Partnering with Buyer using AI-driven Planogram Reset Analytics

Not having visibility to different planogram traits, sales impact, who’s winning and losing shelf space, and new trends puts a category manager at a significant disadvantage. Using AI-driven Planogram Reset Analytics, our customer was able to provide quick actionable insights to their corporate

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