Improve OSA

Increase On Shelf Availability by 5%-15%

Snap2Insight Improve OSA

Track and fix the on-shelf availability (OSA) of your core products.

Uncover OSA & root causes

Do you have a way to consistently track availability on-shelf for your core products, as your shoppers would experience it? Our On-Shelf Availability solution helps you measure OSA, identify SKUs and stores with chronic OSA issues and help fix them by root-causing OSA to store execution/ordering/supply chain issues.


Collaborate and fix fast

Within seconds of capturing shelf images, your field rep can get a prioritized list of OSA issues to fix. Our web dashboards give your corporate and accounts team insights on the highest priority actions to take.


Case Study

Fixing out of stocks and recovering lost sales

With many SKUs to take care of per store, ensuring real-time corrective action is taken in-store is key. Back office being able to track trends and chronic out-of-stock stores/SKUs, helped fix systemic issues. Together, OSA improved by 3-5% driving more sales.

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