Field Booster

Boost field force productivity by 10%-15%

Snap2Insight Field Booster

Boost productivity of your retail field teams

Productivity and Accountability

Empowering field teams by automating non-value-added activities and having visibility to coach and hold field teams accountable, is what Field Booster provides. Image recognition AI automates all in-store execution audits, saving precious time for the field. While this also eliminates self-reporting, making in-store execution reporting objective, accurate and actionable. CPGs working with 3rd party merchandisers/brokers get the most ROI by holding them accountable to in-store execution.


Boosting Field Productivity

Field reps will get real-time recommendations on the highest ROI ‘Best Shelf Actions’ against the execution gaps, helping them prioritize, while not having to audit helps save time. Together, field productivity rises. Meanwhile, corporate will have instant retail visibility, to help address field team and retail execution challenges.


Case Study

Automating shelf audits boosts field productivity

Empowering field teams by providing them with real-time action recommendations, while automating all shelf audits, and bringing valuable data back to corporate is a win-win-win.

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