Perfect Promotions

Fix execution gaps to increase sales by 2%-5%

Snap2Insight Perfect Promotions

Perfect your off-shelf and on-shelf promotional execution

Promotional Execution gaps

Do you have the visibility to direct your field force and address prioritized promotional execution gaps? Our Perfect Promo solution measures how well your off-shelf promos are executed -- type of display, pricing and promo signs are up, right products are on display etc. For on-shelf, it captures promo pricing and tags. We can also capture competitive promotional activity like share-of-display or promotional pricing gaps.


Perfect your Promo Execution

Your field reps will get in real time a prioritized list of Promo execution gaps to act against. Our dashboards let your retail and account teams quickly identify gaps to work with your retailer and field teams as needed to close them.


Case Study

Categorize and Analyze your retail environment

Analyzing how well promotions are getting executed proved to be a game changer in closing execution gaps and insights for future promotional planning.

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