Contract Watch

Fix execution gaps to increase sales by 2%-5%

Snap2Insight Contract Watch

Track in-store execution against trade contracts

Contract Compliance

Do you have a way to consistently track compliance against different trade and merchandising contracts you set up with your retailers? Our Contract Watch solution finds gaps between what’s executed in-store vs. what’s in the contract. KPIs include #locations in-store, display type, shelf-share, #facings and other attributes present in your CMA or trade contracts.


Closing Contract Gaps

Within seconds of capturing in-store conditions with images, field reps will know the prioritized contract gaps, and pull up-sell sheets and contracts to fix issues at the store level. Our dashboards provide quick ways for your account teams to prioritize and get to account-level compliance gaps.


Case Study

Visibility to Contracted fixture gaps drives huge sales lift

Having an accurate account and store-level information on fixture execution against the CMA trade contract, allowed the CPG to tighten contract compliance.

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