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Know more with Instant Retail Visibility

Instant Retail Visibility (IRV) is the ability to get all 4 P’s of retail execution (product, placement, promotion, price) instantly across all store visits. We do this by extracting actionable data and insights from shelf images with AI image recognition technology.

Brand Marketers

How is My Brand Doing at Retail? Brand marketers gain Instant Retail Visibility so they can
  • Negotiate better with retailers knowing actual in-store execution vs plan
  • Make faster and better trade promotion decisions
  • Get ahead of competition with better category and competitor data

Field Sales Managers

How is my Team Executing at Retail? Field sales managers get Instant Retail Visibilty so they can
  • Get to know and focus on exceptions quickly
  • Diagnostic power to drill down on which stores / what problem / which Reps
  • Transparent and consistent way to measure your team performance

Execute impeccably with Best Shelf Action

Best Shelf Action (BSA) is the ability to get in real-time, customized and simple set of action recommendations to take at the shelf, based on on-shelf conditions and other information.

Field Sales Reps

Execute with confidence, guided by Snap2Insight intelligence
  • Take prioritised actions at shelf based on what’s important and doable now
  • Free up time to work the shelf vs. tedious manual shelf compliance checks and reporting
  • Demonstrate impact objectively

Win your shelf with Instant Retail Visibility and Best Shelf Actions

Increase sales up to 5% and productivity up to 10%

Field Sales, Category Management, Trade Marketing

Measure and improve your shelf and trade promotion execution, understand your category space and competition in every store
  • Reduce Out of Stocks
  • Improve execution and shelf space compliance
  • Automate tedious shelf audits and empower Reps
  • Win more shelf space by influencing retailer with data
  • Make faster and better trade promotion decisions
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