How Does It Work


Shelf photos taken by your reps are uploaded to the cloud, converted into shelf data (product, price, promotion, placement) by AI accurately and instantly.


Shelf data is compared against your planogram/standard to identify and prioritize merchandising defects.


Best Shelf Actions are reported back to the field in real time and Instant Retail Visibility across stores is made available to corporate.

Superior Technology

Our proprietary AI platform analyzes over 1 Million images every month and is trusted by world’s leading brands. Here is what makes us special.

Photo capture… Just Snap It!


We get it.. Reps are not professional photographers and they want the ease of a point and shoot App. Our AI is designed to deal with different photo taking conditions. Reps can use our App or any other 3rd party App to take photos.


One size doesn’t fit all. We work across multiple image capture sources. Brand Reps and store employees use their mobile devices. We work with our partners to have fixed shelf edge cameras or robots to take images of the store.

Insights and Actions at your fingertips..

Best Shelf Action recommendations are available in a few seconds after taking images. Our iOS and Android Apps present them in easy intuitive ways.

Instant Retail Visibility presents KPIs you need from the shelf like on-shelf availability, share of shelf, pricing, promotion execution as web dashboards and raw data.

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